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The National’s Boxer: lives and time across history

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There are music albums which take space in our lives because related to a specific moment or because they match perfectly our tastes in dancing or our thinking.  Our time, our sense of time, is shaped by meetings and experiences and often music is part of them: events great (political…

The Sharing Spaces: Yorgos Sapountzis

Yorgos Sapountzis, “Soft World-Hard World”, performance-installaton, in “Common Spaces” , ISP Whitney Museum, 2014, The Kitchen, New York We’re slowly getting out from a very long and severe quarantine in Italy dealing with the Covid-19 emergency,  in which we have all been forced to live confined to a domestic dimension…

About Green Gloves,

Green Gloves
I know, the name of my blog will probably be recognized by only a very few of those reading this, but I decided to start this adventure of a personal blog, which has been in my mind for a while during the quarantine time for the Covid-19, with something close…